The Killing' Day 8: Stonewalled

Day 8 was a turning point, upending some well established dynamics and setting the series in motion for its final third


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Last week, we left Holder and Linden face down on the floor of a meat cooler at the hands of an FBI SWAT team. Day 8 opens up through Linden's semi-disoriented gaze, her eyes searching wildly for some clue from Rosie and a reason why someone at the mosque would point them here. She fixes on a crumpled pink t-shirt with lettering that begins "G-R-A-N-D" in white applique, before being brought to her feet by one of the FBI agents. Linden and Holder have just compromised a federal terrorism investigation and are booted from the crime scene. On top of it, federal work takes priority, so Linden can just file away Rosie's case with that of the young girl from the mosque and fuggedaboutit.

Titled "Stonewalled, this week's episode bluntly lays out where Linden's at a week into Rosie's case. Frustrated and obsessed, she's in full view of rock bottom personally and professionally: She's all but taken off the case, Jack's taking extreme measures to act out, and Rick's showing some serious tenacity when it comes to the silent treatment, going so far as to have a lady friend smugly answer the phone ("He's doing the wedding planning all himself.") and deflect Linden's calls.

She's not the only one up against a wall, though. Faced with the release of his wife's killer and the imminent demise of his mayoral run, it's no-more-Mr.-Nice-Guy-time for Richmond — although he couldn't sound like more of a square doing it: "Adams wants to play dirty? He better like the taste of mud." But he did teach bathroom mirror a lesson with his fist, so points for that.