True Blood' Season 4, episode 4

Got a problem? Put some dirt on it.


  • John P. Johnson
  • SPELLBOUND AND DOWN: Lafayette, Jesus, Tara and Marnie at the MoonGoddess Emporium

"You drank the whole faerie - you're going to your room!" Sookie yells, trying to reprimand Eric, who's prom-night drunk off Claudine's blood, zipping around and pinching Sookie's ass (you know you liked it, girl). But before she can get him back inside his underground lair, he darts off into the night. Sookie runs after Eric, trying to track him, and quickly realizes this is a job best left to a smokin' hot shirtless werewolf. Alcide shows up the next morning, and drops trou immediately to shift so the two can follow the vampire's trail. They find Eric skinny dipping in a nearby crick and taunting gators in Nordic. But faster than you can say "Godric," the faerie booze wears off, and Eric begins to sizzle. He rushes back home, wrapped in one of Gram's quilts to recover from his burns. In bed, Eric's got the post-drunk/pre-hangover blues: He's bummed about not being able to frolic durning the day or see the sunlight in Sookie's hair. Sookie almost falls for the line, but Alcide's waiting upstairs. (Tough life this one.)