Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 2

Episode 2


  • Starz
  • JACK HARKNESS PLAYS PETER GRAVES IN 'AIRPLANE!' John Barrowman (seated), Dichen Lachman, Mekhi Phifer

“Miracle Day’s” second episode, “Rendition” begins, appropriately enough, with a passing critique of the policy of international prisoner rendition. Rex hauls Jack, Gwen and her husband Rhys onto an airport tarmac to ship them to the United States rather than leave them in British custody. “The Americans have been doing this sort of thing,” an English official harrumphs. Rex sneers and yells at everyone until a mysterious CIA rival (Dichen Lachman) asks, “You want to piss on the plane, to claim that, too?”

With seemingly unnecessary brutality, Rex separates Gwen from her family and drags them onto the plane with much shouting and weeping. (I thought I caught a near-flash of Eva Myles’ butt-crack as the goons dragged her up the stair-ramp. Sorry.)

Back at CTU the CIA, the young analysts watch a Youtube remix of Oswald Danes’ failed execution, which would seem to have dubious entertainment value. The deathless effect of Miracle Day has surprising effects world-wide, ranging from increased atrocities in Rwanda to peace overtures between India and Pakistan. Esther meets with Mr. Friedkin (Well hello, Newman), one of the few grown-ups we’ve seen at this particular office. He speaks about Rex and Esther’s Torchwood case with creepy insinuation, to signal that he’s up to no good. Later, he sends an order to assassinate Jack and we see a weird little pyramid logo.