The Televangelist: 'Breaking Bad' Season 4, Episode 3

An insomniac reading a notebook has never been so fascinating

There are television shows for which episode names are an inconsequential necessity, and others for which they are a way to exercise one's mastery of puns. And then there's "Breaking Bad," whose episode last night titled "Open House" was about literal openness and figurative irony - last night was all about deception. I'll begin with the latter, and focus first on the main offender Marie. If anyone had doubts that this was essentially a Marie-centric episode, let me direct you to the overwhelming amount of purple that permeated her every scene (even Walt wore purple in his scenes!): her pants, a painting, a realtor's shirt, her own shirts (three in fact), her grocery bags, the sheets, the dish cloths and her kitchen appliances. Purple people-eater alert!

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  • Seriously, will ANYONE ride the go-karts with me?!

?For those who had forgotten, Marie has tendencies of kleptomania that act up when she is under stress. Remember the baby tiara she stole to give to Skyler? Husband Hank is fighting the battle of his life, but our sympathy for him wanes as he attacks and chastises Marie, his only true alley, at every turn. Only later in the episode, after Marie does a fantastic series of performances at a variety of open houses that include Torrey the divorcée, Charlotte the NASA wife and Mimi with the sick child, does Hank realize (possibly) what he's done. He still goads Marie in front of his cop friend ("What, did she rob a bank?") but I saw a faint shade of remorse in him. Now that he's picked up Gale's lab book, one can only imagine that he will truly find the resources within himself to begin his road to recovery. In the end, Marie's antics were merely an elaborate plot device to connect Hank with the lab notes, but boy were they fun to watch (that woman can lie!)