True Blood' Season 4, Ep. 6: Full Moon Fever

Payback's a bitch and it's name is Antonia


Nothing is ever as it seems in Bon Temps, particularly on a full moon.

We know better than to take "True Blood's" characters at face value, aware that everyone has some kind of secret or power, or secret power — anything from mind-reading to being "extra-good at sex." The supernatural stuff has always been an intrinsic part of the individuals' identities - a fixed part of the self that they're either born with or have been endowed with. So while they're not fully human, their struggles often manage to feel human (even if they are shifting into horses or running from goblins). Ultimately, they're all just outcasts trying to fit in, right? Sure.

Last night's episode, titled "I Wish I Was the Moon," called into question the identities of nearly every major character: Tara had to let go of Toni; Jason had to face his fate; Alcide submitted to his true nature; Tommy did some role playing; and Eric disowned his former self. At the center of it all was a new wild card - spirit possession. Season 2 dabbled in possession when Maryann had the citizens of Bon Temps under her orgiastic spell, but this season planes are being crossed and bodies inhabited.

Also, Eric and Sookie finally did it. Hawt.