The Televangelist: 'Entourage' Season 8, Ep. 3

Kim Coates gives a tour de force performance as the coke addicted producer Carl Ertz, the latest Hollywood casualty


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TV shows are either dramas or comedies, based on long-standing structural conventions, even though most contain elements of both (not always well, but the best shows have a balance). "Entourage" has always leaned heavily upon comedy - even its darker moments are tinged with quips or physical humor that take the edge off. Take for instance the meeting in last night's episode with Phil where he spells out, quite plainly, why Drama should be thanking God every night for his good fortune to have the "Johnny's Bananas" pilot. It could be a humiliating moment as Drama listens in, unbeknownst to Phil, on speaker. But Drama and Scott's interjections and Phil's correct reading of the situation ("Is that what you guys do over there? Cover your mouths so no one can hear you breathing on the phone?" which is exactly what Drama was doing) added a lightness to the scene. Even later in the unfortunate situation that has become Andrew Dice Clay's life, his obnoxious behavior and physical excesses temper any feelings of sympathy viewers may begin to feel for him.

?Then there's Carl Ertz, who last night piloted one of the most shocking and dramatic moments on the show.