True Blood' Season 4, Ep. 10: Burning Down the House

Do not attempt to challenge my authority!


Bromance is a powerful thing. It can help cure a man of addiction, or make a man ignore the fact that his brother is a manipulative, murdering thief. Or just make a dude feel guilty about banging his best friend's ex-girlfriend. As the seeds of supernatural war took further root in episode 10, "True Blood" buffered the carnage with a some good old fashioned bromance.

And while the sentiment was nice, and served a purpose by putting the final nails in the last of the season's DOA storylines (Andy's V addiction, Tommy's existence), "Burning Down the House" was really about power - who's got it, who wants it and how to use it. Bill and Marnie established themselves as the alpha dogs on either side of the fight and set us up for a showdown clearly inspired by the fashion sensibilities of the Matrix.

In short, this.