Dexter’ Season 6, Ep. 1

Dexter is back and up to old tricks; unfortunately, so is the rest of the cast.


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  • When visiting Miami, don’t forget to bring a bit of the city home with you. Our citizens’ entrails make great gifts!

At the beginning of the sixth season—the victory-lap season for most syndication-minded series—the show-cookers at Dexter seem as flummoxed as ever over the direction of the show and their rascally, sociopathic protagonist. Watching this premiere, you can practically hear the gears straining as the series backs up, lurches forward, backs up some more and occasionally threatens to stall out completely.

The recipe seems to be: return to Season one, add religion, and bake until crumby. It’s true I may be overstating the case against the show—the hour did have its great moments, and seems promising—but after the lumbering mess of season five (which also started out pretty well), I think I’m entitled to worry.