The Televangelist: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 4, Episode 5

With almost every relationship on the show broken and poisoned with mistrust, the foundation of SAMCRO begins to crumble.

Earlier this season I predicted that the unrest facing SAMCRO would become a schism. I did not foresee the innumerable cracks threatening to shatter the entire organization. "Brick" ended with almost every relationship on the show broken, poisoned with mistrust. Clay now knows Gemma is hiding things from him, Unser knows Clay is lying to him and to Gemma, Eli questions Linc's policies (as Linc lies to his face), Chibs is keeping an eye on Juice, whose actions have caused (yet another) problem between SAMCRO and the Mayans. Bobby tells some truths and a lie to Otto, and seethes in resentment against Clay. Opie cheats on Lyla, and Piney threatens Clay while Tara is in Clay's sights without knowing it. Perhaps the only character to come out without being involved in an act of betrayal last night was my dear Tig, who was mostly relegated to looking horrified at the prospect of a life-sized doll (a well-known phobia of his).

?In fact, let me put this in graph form:
?What a mess! (And look who has the most lines ... Clay, of course!)