Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 4 Ep. 4: The exalted tale of Mister Ridickulous"

Ep. 4: The exalted tale of Mister Ridickulous


It's Kandi in the middle again, celebrating her 35th birthday with a party she doesn't want to have. Kandi confesses that she's not married and still wants another child. "It's kind of depressing," she admits of turning 35, but agrees with Andy Cohen's talking heads that it's a "milestone" and reason to party. I wish Patti Stanger, the "Millionaire Matchmaker," was this honest about being single. If only Kandi could meet a nice man... Luckily Phaedra Parks knows just the trick to make a 35-year-old single mother feel better about not being married.

With the flames of Nene's agitation in need of fanning, it's time to focus on Kandi planning a shindig. She goes to see the Midtown Renaissance Hotel. Okay, done planning! Now time for the party. Kandi invites all the "girls"—don't you love calling grown women girls?—except a very pregnant Kim, but the party is divided. In Europe, we have Nene and Cynthia. In America, we have Sheree (who is building a new house despite allegedly having no money) and Phaedra. I would think the territories would be reversed honestly. What, you didn't know America and Europe were at war? Kandi's in the middle of the political hotbed, unbeknownst that her mother Joyce is a ploying China!

Phaedra loves strippers, almost as much as she loves funeral parlors and burial ceremonies with doves. She's always bringing up strippers—a woman after our own heart. Her favorite stripper and client? Ridickulous. Dick, as I call him, comes from the land of Stankonia, where he pursued a degree of seduction at Stripper U. with a minor in penile-lassoing. He comes with high marks, as Phaedra will tell you, but I'll let you guess why Ridickulous's dick is so ridick. Phaedra rolls out a big red box and in her best sultry tone, introduces her man friend who promptly jumps on the table. He swings his Ridickulousness. He puts his Ridickulousness in Kandi's drink. It was all very ... reasonable when you consider the stripping profession.