Dexter' Season 6, Ep. 10

Move along folks, nothing to see here.


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  • Backstage, Olmos and Hanks argue over who gets to be killed off first.

In case you were lucky enough to miss last night’s Dexter, don’t worry. Nothing happened that can’t be recapped in considerably less time than the standard 60-second “previously on Dexter” clip. Mostly it’s more of the same: Dex continues to sabotage the police investigation so he can find Travis first, showing zero regard for the safety of Travis’s targets, I guess because his Code has just become too inconvenient to worry about; Deb continues to bungle her job, because she’s a girl, and therefore either stupid or bitchy or both; Laguerta continues to be bitchy; Quinn continues to act like a drunk clown; Batista continues to be the only cop who does any actual cop work; intern and babysitter continue to date.

What developments we do get are all plodding and convenient and nonsensical. The one highlight: a visit from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Li’l Kevin, from the classic “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” episode. Naturally, he gets murdered before he has a chance to do anything interesting. Hey, why introduce something new—be it a fresh character, dilemma, or change in a relationship—when you can fiercely defend the status quo with a bunch of convenient escapes, tedious repetition, and unceremonious kill-offs?