Add It Up: Lowering Higher Education?

Amount, in dollars, of proposed cuts to Georgia state colleges and universities: 600 million

Percentage by which tuition might be increased at state colleges and universities to meet shortfall: 77

Total number of temporary faculty and staff jobs that could be eliminated to make up the shortfall: 2500

Estimated drop in freshman enrollment at UGA thanks to reduced number of teaching positions: 500

Current Georgia unemployment rate in percentage: 10

Number of people who have signed the Georgia Democrats' petition to block the proposed cuts: 2,517

Approximate number of Georgia college students who protested budget cuts outside Capitol on March 3: 40

Salary, in dollars, of Georgia Tech's president: $634,138

Salary, in dollars, of University System of Georgia Board of Regents Chancellor Errol Davis, who oversees college and university budgets: $549,206.43

Amount, in dollars, the state's earmarked to renovate the UGA President's mansion (where the current president doesn't even live): $750,000

Number of University of Georgia employees who make "part-time" wages but work "full-time" hours: 40

Sources: CNN.com, GeorgiaDemocrat.org, NYTimes.com, NPR.org, Business Week, Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Red and Black, AJC.com

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Estimated value, in dollars, of marijuana seized by police in Gwinnett County on April 26: 327,000

Estimated value, in dollars, of weed seized seized by federal agents in south Fulton on April 24: 1 million

Estimated value, in dollars, of marijuana that law enforcement officials seized in Rabun County on April 7: 3.5 million

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Percentage of metro Atlanta's population who own an Apple product: 26

Percentage of people nationwide who own an Apple product: 21.6

Atlanta's rank on Forbes' list of "Most Wired Cities," out of 30: 2

Rank of Atlanta, out of 10, in a survey of cities with the most tech-savvy small businesses: 1

Atlanta's rank on a list of the world's top Twitter cities: 5


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