Add It Up: All we want for Christmas is ...

Cost of dinner and wine pairings for two, before tax and tip, at Quinones at Bacchanalia: $390

Cost of a framed ink-on-paper drawing from ShopScadOnline.com: $500

Cost of two field-level tickets to the Dec. 27 Falcons-Bills game: $359

Cost of a full day of treatment at Midtown's Blue MedSpa: $495

Cost of a pair of suede Gucci moccasins at Neiman Marcus: $420

Cost of a bottle of Moet et Chandon Dom Perignon Rose at Pearson's in Buckhead: $499.99

Cost of a vintage Charles Pollock chair by Knoll at Inman Park's City Issue: $395

Amount the average American planned to spend on Christmas gifts in 2009: $417

Amount the average American planned to spend in 2007: $859

Sources:  StarProvisions.com, BlueMedSpa.com, PearsonsWine.net, CityIssue.com, American Research Group Inc.

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