Top 5 Tweets from ATL Comics this week: Time machine

Whitney the singer dies, Whitney the sitcom lives. No justice in this world.
— Topher Payne (@topherpayne) February 12, 2012

I've learned more from Pawn Stars than any history class I've ever taken.Going to school in West Virginia may have played a part in that.
— Steph Swain (@Stepholumpagus) February 13, 2012

Watching the Westminster Dog and Cankle show.
— carlos valencia (@carlos_valencia) February 15, 2012

I'm not sure how to take the "by invitation" funeral, though I assume the deceased is hoping to be on the list wherever they're headed.
— Punchline ComedyClub (@punchlinecomedy) February 16, 2012

Drinking with southerners is like getting in a time machine. Spoiler: you always go back to right before the civil rights movement.
— Mike Kaiser (@Mike_Kaiser_) February 12, 2012

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