Braves fans renounce fandom over GLAAD Spirit Day Facebook post

Major League Baseball teams today have been spreading the word about GLAAD Spirit Day in hopes of shining light on LGBT youth and bullying issues. But a vocal group of Atlanta Braves fans aren't entirely thrilled with the effort.

Earlier this morning, the Braves organization posted a message on Facebook that encouraged Atlantans to wear purple for the cause. As Deadspin points out, there's been hundreds of negative comments left in response. Some people told the team to keep its posts baseball-related, while a handful had publicly declared that they're no longer fans. We've included a sample of what's being said after the jump:

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There are also some LGBT supporters posting remarks as well. But the social media argument is getting ugly as the day continues, with more than 800 people chiming in with their thoughts. One person even asked: "WWJRD - what would John Rocker do?"

We've reached out to the Braves' staff for comment. If we hear back, we'll post an update.

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