Clickable Advent Calendar, 4: Have a Cheeky Christmas

The Cheeky Girls' "Have a Cheeky Christmas" could be the dumbest holiday song and video ever. Then again, December has just gotten started.

I freely admit that the Clickable Advent Calendar idea did not come from a Secret Santa. I did a similar, smaller-scale project, the Xmas Gag Gift, last year on the PopSmart blog, and kinda got the idea from other sites, particularly Mr. Sardonic's Advent Calendar by critic/blogger Alonso Duralde on The Advocate.com in 2007. This year Duralde's doing a different project on his Livejournal blog, a 25-day Christmas Movie Advent Calendar, which features reviews of unconventional Christmas films like Unaccompanied Minors. Which is all a roundabout way of building up to this entry, the preposterous "Have a Cheeky Christmas" by Romanian-born twin British pop hitmakers, The Cheeky Girls. This time of year it's a favorite tune for both Duralde and his husband, author and blogger Dave White. I'd declare it the stupidest holiday song and video ever, but December has only just started.

Incidentally, Amazon.com is rolling a de facto musical advent calendar, offering a free downloadable holiday-themed song for every day of December. Artist so far include Barenaked Ladies and Sixpence None the Richer. No word whether The Cheeky Girls will be included.

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