More money and more roads

Playing up his commitment to improved transportation, Gov. Sonny Perdue on Tuesday morning told a crowd of people that this year's budget asks for $2.3 billion for transportation projects. That's double the spending from the governor's first budget, he noted.

The trouble is Sonny didn't once mention rail alternatives as a way of combating congestion.

In prepared remarks at the Georgia World Congress as part of the annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast, he kept setting the stage for a big solution, a big dramatic finale of recognition and action... only to offer whoopee-cushion consolation.

"We see the problem, and we're tackling congestion on our roadways," the governor said.

How's that?

"We're cleaning up the wrecks," Perdue said.

But there's still more the state can do.

Such as?

"We have to stop the speeding," Perdue said. "...Accidents caused by excessive speed and aggressive driving are not just affecting congestion and causing traffic jams — they are killing people."

He even provided some chilling facts:

  • Atlanta has one of the fastest metro-area speeds — the average driver is traveling 20 mph over the speed limit.

  • Georgians experience about one traffic fatality every five hours — that's more than 1,700 people every year.

  • 20 percent of fatal accidents in Georgia are speed-related.

And the solution is... more money and more roads.

-- Max Pizarro

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