Gov. prays for rain, dryly (Capitol rain dance, pt. 2)

A couple hundred onlookers showed up at the Capitol Tuesday to witness whether, when the governor came out of his office, he would see his shadow, thereby presaging six more weeks of watering restrictions. Or something like that.

Actually, the reality was nearly as wacky, with Sonny literally leading a prayer service on the front porch of the Statehouse. Less surprising was the fact that the crowd was stocked with true believers, from folks holding their hands up like on “Hour of Power,” to a guy wearing a “Yes I am a Jesus Freak” T-shirt, to a woman holding an umbrella — the better to avoid a sunburn, as it turned out.

“We acknowledge our wastefulness,” Perdue said in his closing remarks. Oh, really? Was that a sly reference to legislative pork?

“We do believe in miracles,” he added. Of course he does — his first run for governor proved they can happen.

It was interesting to see who was on hand to bask in the pandering, such as state School Superintendent Kathy Cox and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who beseeched the Big Guy to “Open up the floodgates of heaven.” (As Andisheh noted, Cagle might have added: “And, Lord, do close the gates of Buford Dam.”)

The Rev. Joe Lowery was on hand to observe, and ex-Speaker Terry Coleman, now retired, watched from the sidewalk.

And it was just as telling to note who was a no-show, namely current Speaker Glenn Richardson, whose feud with Perdue got no reprieve Tuesday.

Despite the gov’s efforts, and the preachifyin’ from three pastors from across the state — all Protestant, natch — the weather brightened up halfway through the ceremony.

That’s what we get for electing a guy named Sonny.