Leave no child inside

By Janisse Ray

I remember one Sunday when my son Silas was 6 years old. He and I spent the entire day in the woods.

That was before he cared that there wasn't television or video games at our house.

Later, when I heard the term "nature-deficit disorder," I would remember days like that Sunday and think maybe I hadn't, as a parent, done everything wrong.

Silas and I slid down the deep ravine behind our house and headed toward the creek, a silver glint beneath magnolia trees. When we got to the only spot that was deep enough to bathe, two red-shouldered hawks commenced to call nearby, alarmed.

"They must be nesting," I said. "Let's see." Silas and I plunged through cinnamon fern and dog hobble until he spotted the nest, 50 feet up.

The parent birds, wild with worry, never stopped circling and crying.

"Let's leave them alone," I whispered.

Here's what Silas and I did the rest of the day. We gathered stones, looking for fossils, then skimmed them. We rubbed clay on our faces. We built a sand fort and floated magnolia-leaf boats downstream. We crossed the creek balanced on a high log.

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Tuesday March 25, 2008 02:35 pm EDT

By Janisse Ray

Taped next to a light switch in my house is a photo of an Appalachian mountain that has been mined for coal by blowing off its peak. That photo reminds me to keep the light off as much as I can.

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Tuesday February 5, 2008 04:56 pm EST

By Janisse Ray

This past Sunday my friend Albert Culbreath heard a strange bugling in the Tifton sky. Actually, he felt it more than heard it, he said. Gazing upward, Albert witnessed a flock of sandhill cranes, flying northward, calling back and forth to each other their magnificent "ga-roo-roo-roos."

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