WSB TV news tailor-made to scare you

By Rob Gomes

If there were a "Murder & Mischief Award" among local news companies, WSB-TV Channel 2 News would be the clear winner.

If you haven’t noticed, or are just too scared to tune in, Channel 2 always opens with a murder or mischief story. Granted, they will first touch on the major international stories, but you can bet your last dollar they are gonna do their best to scare the crap out of you with seamlessly random acts of murder/mischief. Yes, Atlanta does have its share of murders and crime, but the other local news outlets don’t lead or constantly tease with these issues.

I've been tracking WSB’s “scare them into watching” formula for over a year now. They use this formula every day. Don’t believe me? Tune in right now and find out. If they aren’t covering a murder/mischief story, wait 60 seconds. I guarantee before they head off into a commercial, they are going to tease a murder or mischief story.

Channel 2 news is not fair or balanced. They are intent on gaining viewers by keeping them scared and glued to their TV’s — hoping the non-thinking masses will believe that only Channel 2 has the answer to where the next act of random murder and mischief will happen.

Their current tag line is, “Coverage you can count on." It should be – “Channel 2 News — If you’re not scared, we’re not doing our job”.

Rob Gomes is a recent LA transplant who "LOVES Atlanta!" He works as a freelance tv/film writer/producer and has produced for Tyler Perry, Turner and B.E.T. He enjoys spending time on the couch with his wife, walking his dog in Grant Park and having a cigar at the Highland Cigar Company.

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