Top 10 moments from ‘True Blood’ season 2

‘True Blood’ wrapped up two Sundays ago, sadly, but it did snag an Emmy at last Sunday’s awards for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series. So what moments from this season helped earn the cast its trophy? Here’s our countdown of the season’s top 10 best moments, as well as some of its most memorable quotes (PIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!).

10. GODRIC’S PAD IS DA BOMB (episode 9)

Luke blows Godric’s lair to kingdom come in the name of Rev. Newlin. Bill watches, stunned, from the driveway where he’s just escorted Lorena (”You may be immortal, Lorena, but you are dead to me”). From the front yard, it looks as though the white-hot blast eviscerated everything: men, vampires, and Barcaloungers alike.

Bill rushes inside and finds Sookie still alive and sprawled on the floor beneath Eric, who shielded her from the blast. The inside is littered with insides. On Eric’s command, Bill exits as quickly as he arrived to snag and punish Luke’s cohorts. Eric feigns dying, imploring Sookie to suck the silver shrapnel from his chest. Sookie, who thinks that’s like totally gross, refuses, until Eric exhales in a melodramatic whimper “(gasp) … dying … (gasp)” and lets a limp arm fall to the floor with a thud. Next thing we (and Bill) know, Sookie’s straddling Eric and literally licking his wounds. This kind of hanky panky has consequences, Bill tells Sookie. Since she’s now swallowed Eric’s blood, the two are forever connected. Like Bill, he’ll always be able to sense her emotions and Sookie will feel sexually attracted to Eric. “I could kill him,” Sookie says later on. “I concur,” says Bill.