Victor Hill to make political comeback, change world

You've surely heard by now that former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill qualified on Monday to run for the state Senate. That's great news for journalists. Not such great news for residents of the tiny county just south of Atlanta.

You surely remember metro Atlanta's favorite lawman. He was the guy who: generated national headlines when, on his first day as sheriff, ordered snipers to stand guard while he fired a bunch of deputies; was accused in a lawsuit of using money from jail vending machines to purchase artwork depicting "African-American cowboys and 'a lynch mob scene portraying Caucasian people with shotguns'"; and allegedly handed out official sheriff's badges to various acquaintances, including some guy who performed acupuncture. After Hill lost a 2008 re-election bid, he fell out of the public spotlight. (For a thorough look at the former sheriff, check out this incredible profile by Atlanta Magazine editor — and former CL muckraker — Steve Fennessey.)

Hill will challenge incumbent Valencia Seay and Fayetteville businessman Travis Spruill in the Democratic primary. Above you'll find maybe the only Hill photo CL has on file. Enjoy!

(Photo from Hill's 2008 re-election campaign website)

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