Swastika graffitied on Rep. David Scott's Smyrna office

Congressman targeted by conservatives for arguing with town hall protestors.

Wonk Room reports, and a phone call confirms, someone spray-painted a black swastika on the sign outside Rep. David Scott's Smyrna office. Scott's press assistant, Jennifer Wright, says it happened overnight.

Yesterday Rep. Scott told Fox News some of the critical mail he has received at this office has "racial overtones."

Scott has been the target of right-wing blogospheric scorn since he stood up at a public meeting in Douglasville last weekend and accused some in the audience of "hijacking" the event.

Afterwards, Scott told reporters he was upset at the people who kept asking about health care because the event was intended as an opportunity for the community to comment on a controversial local road project.


Here's a clip of Rep. Scott on Fox News discussed the vandal attack.

(Thanks you Jason Pye for finding the link.

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