Profile: Jennifer Ianoale, life coach

'I was always the one that everybody would come to with their problems'

After moving to Atlanta 11 years ago, the Philadelphia-born, New Jersey-raised Jennifer Ianoale decided to leave the corporate world of advertising and tap her lifelong gift for listening. Hovering between the worlds of therapy and personal training, she helps local and out-of-state clients tackle whatever obstacles — say, an unhappy relationship or frustrating career path — they’ve encountered in life.

What does a life coach do? What is a typical day of work like for you?

We help our clients find their true purpose and passion in life and guide them to become the best version of themselves. And we do that by empowering them and providing them with the necessary tools to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. We challenge them in a way and then hold them accountable.

What qualities make you good at what you do?

In my opinion, what makes anybody a good life coach is being an excellent listener – truly hearing what the client is saying, also being very insightful, and having very good positive energy. And I believe I possess all of those qualities.

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