Free tattoos boost Macon’s morale

Until the government starts giving them away for free, this will have to do.

How do you “uplift” a challenged Macon community while turning “a negative into a positive”?

Free tattoos.


“. . . Clarissa Dennard came to the event because she saw one of the fliers. She got a free tattoo from Taylor, which brought the total on her body to nine. The new tattoo was on her left shoulder and read, “Lucky 7.”

“That’s what I call my kids, because I have seven kids,” said Dennard, who drives a garbage truck for the city of Macon.

Dennard brought all her children, who range in age from 7 to 19, to the event. She said she came “to bring the kids for all the free stuff and all the activities.”

I’m uplifted.