Oraien Catledge - book and Mississippi bound

'Oraien Catledge: Photographs,' edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Ford and former Opal Gallery owner Constance Lewis, will be published in August through University of Mississippi Press

Image Twenty years worth of weekends spent in Cabbagetown left photographer Oraien Catledge with an extensive visual archive (approximately 50,000 negatives) of the neighborhood and its transition from mill community to in-town neighborhood during the late ’70s to late ’90s. Last fall, the now-closed Opal Gallery exhibited a selection of images from Catledge's sprawling collection, simply called Oraien Catledge: Cabbagetown.

This August, the University of Mississippi Press (Catledge's home state) will publish the similarly titled Oraien Catledge: Photographs, edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Ford and former Opal Gallery owner Constance Lewis. The book, which was noted recently in the Oxford American, will be followed by an exhibit in October at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Local filmmaker Steve Bransford (Terminus Films) is creating the exhibit's video, a segment of which is posted on his blog Downhome Traces, and can also be viewed below. The clip includes footage of Cabbagetown, and Catledge, back in the day.


In addition to all of the Mississippi merry-making, an exhibition of Catledge's photos from Louis Corrigan's private collection will open at the Atlanta airport June 22.