Mayor Reed, Prince Charles talk urban planning and Prince William's engagement (obviously)

We could make a 'cheerio' joke — but we won't


On Nov. 2, Mayor Kasim Reed flew to Amsterdam for an air cargo conference. Today, he flew to England to meet with Prince Charles to talk urban planning and economic development. Tomorrow he'll probably test a jet pack, which means he'll have scored the hat trick of cool things to do in one month.

Reed, Councilman Ivory Young and Atlanta officials joined the prince for a tour of Poundbury, a small town outside Dorchester in the south of England. The mayor's office describes the master-planned project as "a community which contains a wide range of high density, mixed use housing intermingled with economic activity," which, if you think about it, sounds a lot like Atlantic Station minus the faux Arc de Triomphe and neverending exhibition of plasticized corpses.