Spacemen descend on Norcross home to open Christmas gifts, confiscate massive amounts of meth

Meth: Doing great things for the South's reputation since God knows when


  • Gwinnett County Police

While you were winding down your Monday afternoon, Gwinnett County Police and Drug Enforcement Agency agents wearing Hazmat suits seized more than 980 pounds of methamphetamine — with an estimated street value of more than $44 million — from a Norcross home.

Officials say yesterday's find is possibly one of the largest meth confiscations in U.S. history. Meth manufacturers say they haven't felt this depressed since the General Assembly required pharmacies to stock pseudoephedrine behind the counter.

According to police, the home on Newbury Road was empty and appeared to be used solely to manufacture the drug. Jose Galvez-Vela of Weslaco, Texas, was arrested and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. Police say they're following up on other leads to determine who's responsible for the drug's production in the home.

After the jump, photos from the seizure.

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