Rocio Rodriguez shows Drawings and Paintings

Barbara Archer Gallery exhibits the latest work from this long-time Georgia resident on Friday.


Rocio Rodriguez's new exhibition at Barbara Archer Gallery opens this Friday under the name (or lack thereof) Drawings and Paintings. This is typical for Rodriguez, who has titled most of her solo exhibitions for the past thirty years as Paintings, Paintings and Drawings, and other variations on that theme, but the Cuban-born Georgia resident shouldn't be confused for an artist disinterested in the themes or subjects of her work.

Instead, her seemingly-obvious title works with the open-ended qualities that she emphasizes in her artist statement for the show, "Painting for me is open to all fictions and possibilities: stains, hard edges, loops, tangled scribbles, color as palpable space, architectural form mutating into biological structure. It is a space where discordant images and references combine to suggest a world where nothing is fixed and everything is in the process of becoming."

The chaotic play between color and line might be reined in or limited by more direct titles. By naming her works with dates like "February 11 No. 3, 2009" or tropes "The Clearing," Rodriguez is giving her lines room to run, to keep tearing across the page, while the viewer tries out the possibilities of interpretation.

The reception for Drawings and Paintings begins at 7 pm at Barbara Archer Gallery. Check out more images from the exhibition after the jump.