120 bucks buy Eagle raid officers shots of Jager, lots of trouble

The AJC reported today that three undercover APD officers blew $120 in department funds on drinks at the Atlanta Eagle right before the Red Dog Unit carried out its now-infamous 2009 raid.

A bartender's statement and corresponding receipts show that two of the officers, Bennie Bridges and Jared Watkins, drank particularly heavily, spending $60 and $50, respectively, on drinks including shots of Jagermeister.

APD spokesman Carlos Campos told the AJC that while officers are prohibited from drinking on the job, exceptions can be made in situations where officers are undercover. He added that such exceptions "must be limited to prevent the impairment of the employee."

The police won't comment further because their internal investigation is still open.

Last week, Stephanie Ramage — formerly of the Sunday Paper, currently of stephanieramage.com — broke another interesting story about Officer Bridges. On Feb. 3, Bridges was arrested in Cobb County for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence. Bridges was driving faster than 100 miles per hour in an unmarked department vehicle when he was pulled over, and blew twice the legal limit in a Breathalyzer test.

Don't worry too much about Bridges, though. He'll be on paid — yes, paid — leave until the APD completes its investigation.

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