Newt: in the race by next week?

Gingrich may officially enter the presidential race next week-he just needs time to get out of this tangled web


At Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner, also known affectionately as Nerdprom (where Seth Meyers killed it with a set focused mainly on Donald Trump—click here to watch it), a reporter from the National Journal's Hotline on Call caught up with Newt Gingrich to ask what was up with his whole maybe-campaign thing. He does already have a site, after all.

He said in response that he would be in by the 10th or 11th, but he didn't provide any more details, such as potential location, although he might choose to return to Georgia for that. Mark your calendars, I guess!

Previously, he said this when asked about a campaign: "I would just say to folks who are really curious: Watch Facebook and Twitter in the next week. I think you'll have all the information you need." However, he still needs time to "untangle himself from a web of business ventures that would complicate his candidacy in the eyes of the Federal Election Commission." Oh, what a tangled web we weave! These tangles will also keep him out of the first Republican candidates' debate, which will be this Thursday in South Carolina, because participants need to have filed exploratory committee papers with the FEC and he can't do that yet.

He's going to address the Georgia Republican Party convention on May 13 in Macon. Then, later this month, he's going to Iowa and New Hampshire, two early primary states, and in New Hampshire will meet with former Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne, who has a pretty cool name.

Sounds like the itinerary of a candidate ...

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