Georgia's new license plate is ... busy

The one with the peaches won. Just kidding. They all had peaches.

The contest to design Georgia's new license plate became an unlikely source of controversy when "In God We Trust" appeared on some of the plates and not others, presumably giving those submissions a leg up in among religious types, i.e. most Georgians. But, apparently, God's endorsement was indelible. Another vote took place and, alas, the same design that won the first time won again.

Here's a pic the winning submission that was tweeted by someone in Gov. Deal's office ...

  • Gov. Nathan Deal's office
  • Ick.

If you'll recall, ALL of the designs were pret-ty lame, but this one definitely has the most going on (and not in a good way). Back in July, several Fresh Loaf readers endorsed this design, basically, because it's the least legible and, therefore, most likely to confuse cops and traffic cams. Scamps.