Suburbanites trading fear of MARTA for fear of smart-growth, socialist menace?

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Take note, supporters of next year’s 1-cent transportation tax vote: “Educated” suburbanites can smell your socialist scheme to stop them from driving 70 miles every day, by themselves, while burning through $3.69-a-gallon gas. [|Writes Laura Armstrong of the Marietta Daily Journal]:

And aside from debating the merits of rail or particular road-widenings, there’s the perception among more than a few educated citizens that the Atlanta Regional Commission and their friends the municipal associations, community improvement districts (CIDs) and chambers of commerce (that have sadly evolved from really great networking organizations into just more power-imbued lobbyists with major political influence) not only want our dollars, but are also trying to force certain lifestyle concepts down our throats. Urbanization, high density-no back yards (HDNBY) Agenda 21 “sustainable community” stuff that will transform our once quiet suburbs into, well, something very few of us seek.

Agenda 21 is a sustainable-development initiative by the United Nations that has been derided by some critics — including noted scholar Glenn Beck — as an authoritarian plot that would turn us all into drones.

(H/T Jim Galloway)