Carrollton mayor proves he’s squarer than Brad Majors by shutting down performance of ‘Rocky Horror’

Talk about doing the ‘Time Warp’


When I was a little girl, my cousin Franny and I frequently spent weekend afternoons holed up in her basement on Long Island to watch/act out “The Rock Horror Picture Show.” She always wanted to be Magenta. I usually got stuck playing Riff Raff. Despite the film’s overt sexuality, our parents were OK with us watching it because, really, there are lots of things more likely to warp children’s brains than people wearing lingerie, making humanoid monsters and singing songs that are very, very good (the goodest of said songs after the jump).

Carrollton, Ga. mayor Wayne Garner isn’t quite so openminded. He’s “objecting” to a scheduled performance of the “Rocky Horror” stageplay by the Carroll County Community Theatre. From the AJC (via 11 Alive):
Garner said he wasn’t expecting such an adult-themed show on a city-owned stage. He said he found the video “very offensive” and overruled an earlier decision by theatre board members who had approved the production.

The play is “not in keeping with the community of Carrollton, if you will,” Mayor Garner said.

“I know this community well,” he said. “If that play was allowed to proceed ... we’d be run out of town.”

Oh, I see. He’s killing two birds — protecting himself from his people AND protecting his people from themselves — with one censorship stone. Hey, how ‘bout if it’s a bit too “adult themed” for certain members of the community, THEY DON’T GO SEE IT? I say Carroll County Community Theatre cancels “Rocky Horror,” schedules “Paint Your Wagon,” and then performs the whole thing in lingerie.