Twitter eyeing space in Atlanta data center?

Microblogging service reportedly wants more capacity to handle millions of tweets about people's lunches

The microblogging service that's slowly killing our attention spans might soon be taking up server space in a ginormous northwest Atlanta data-center facility right next door to the lovely Fulton County Jail.

According to (who else?) Data Center Knowledge, which quotes "industry sources" about the deal:

After an extensive search in which it considered multiple East Coast sites, Twitter has settled on Atlanta as the location for its next data center. The company will move servers into an enormous data center operated by QTS (Quality Technology Services) in downtown Atlanta, industry sources say. The 990,000 square foot Metro Technology Center, owned by QTS, in downtown Atlanta is one of the world’s largest data centers.

According to QTS' brochure about the center, the facility "features its own on-site Georgia Power substation."