Recount reveals Forest Park actually did approve Sunday alcohol sales?

The good news just keeps comin' and comin'

OK, this is kind of hilarious.

Last night, Forest Park — along with Palmetto in south Fulton — rejected an overwhelmingly popular ballot measure that would allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays. It was a strange move, but not entirely unexpected in a city that's recently tried to crack down on strip clubs.

Well, Forest Park officials reviewed the votes this morning and discovered that, whattaya know, voters might have actually approved the Sunday alcohol sales measure. Reports the AJC:

Elections Superintendent David Painter said an accumulator programmed to tally votes cast on touch-screen machines spat out grossly erroneous results. A recount will be conducted at City Hall on Thursday, but the new, unofficial count has Sunday sales passing 369 to 331.

"We had to revert to using a calculator," the superintendent said.

Painter said he realized something had gone wrong when he got home Tuesday night and saw that the results would mean nearly 1,500 ballots had been cast, when the true number was closer to 700.

David Painter is a hero. All hail David Painter!