Sad things: The Poster Hut is closing after four decades in the sexy stuff business

An Atlanta institution closes its doors

The Poster Hut on Cheshire Bridge Road, purveyor of lots of things that aren't posters (and a "great place to buy underwear" according to the underwear blog "Underwear News Briefs"), is closing its doors tomorrow night after 44 years in the novelty biz.

A few months ago, my manfriend and I, after dinner at that Greek place on Cheshire Bridge, pulled into The Poster Hut's lot to see if it was actually a store that sold only posters. We quickly discovered that it was not. Apparently, they did actually used to specialize posters before they specialized in a little bit of everything. From their Yelp business bio:
We have had the honor of serving the Atlanta community for over 40 years. The Poster Hut started as THE place to get music, movie and art posters. In 1974, the owner sold the company to Gary Goldberg. The Poster Hut then grew to include a renowned card section perfect for any occasion, adult items, music, novelty items, paraphernelia, housewares, jewelry, Bachelor and Bachelorette party items and a clothing department encompassing only the trendiest in underwear, outerwear, leather and fetish wear.

I called The Poster Hut to confirm the news of their closing, and almost did. Asked if they are, in fact, closing tomorrow night, the employee who answered the phone said he "thinks so." Atlanta Intown Paper says a going out of business is in progress, so stock up on discounted gifts for the fetishist on your list.