PARKAtlanta probably receives hundreds of checks covered in expletives just like this every day

The best revenge?


  • Atlanta subreddit

Many of us have scribbled a small joke on a personal check’s “for” line. “Being a wonderful human being.” “Great evening of psychedelic drugs and conversation.” “A kidney.” Very few of us have dared go as far as this man or woman.

The person who says he or she mailed PARKAtlanta a check with several pleasant notes and doodles earlier this month — pictured above — claims the private parking company returned it, which resulted in a $29 fee.

We asked a city spokeswoman if PARKAtlanta has a general policy about returning checks. She said that banks would return checks if the person’s account has “non-sufficient funds.” If PARKAtlanta returned the payment, it’d also include a letter explaining why. But without more specifics, she couldn’t comment on the doodler’s situation.

The check writer, who posted the image on the Atlanta subreddit with his or her identifying info blanked out, admits that PARKAtlanta might have been confused by the misspelling of “douche bags.”