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Atlanta slang isn't just for the streets anymore — it's for the Twitters, too.

Grouped by the hashtag #AtlantaSlang, users have been submitting their picks for the best in, well, Atlanta-specific slang.

It's unclear how the trending started: Twitter's site doesn't like loading long strings of chronological tweets. But the conversation has been going strong for a few days — and with it, a few observations:

"Finna" is a recurring favorite, submitted by several people a day, as is "shawty," "ova wit" and, at least for @KushxCupcakes, "I WANT MY ONE BITCH."

Some submissions even include phonetical fun. "Partner P-OA-T-NAH," tweeted @CallMeTrue143. "Fool / Foo / Foolay = My friend who happens to be kind of silly at times," tweeted @HoesLike_Juice.

The topic has bred some contention.

"SHAWTY!!! NOT SHORTY" tweets @smorgan_88, while @Nola_Child tweeted "Wazzam is not no fucking #AtlantaSlang..Better GTFOH with that."

Or as @Trillvness notes: "#AlbanySlang is incorrect usage of #AtlantaSlang .. *Holds head down*"

@GAFollowers, self-described as "The OFFICIAL Twitter for the state of Georgia," offered only this: "#AtlantaSlang gets way worse the more southern in Georgia you go."

And that, apparently, is that.

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