Walmart coming to Glenwood Park area?

City councilwoman says no permits have been filed


  • Joeff Davis
  • If true, the possible Glenwood Park location would jibe with Walmart’s plans for urban areas, which include a Vine City location, that broke ground in March (above)

The rumor mill’s been in overdrive over the weekend with whispers that Walmart, the killer of dreams and kittens, plans another intown Atlanta store in addition to the Vine City location that’s currently under construction.

The word: the retail behemoth has under contract, or has possibly purchased, the old LaFarge concrete facility along the Atlanta Beltline on Glenwood Avenue. (Fans of the 22-mile loop of parks, trails, and transit take note: this parcel’s different from the Lafarge plant that’s still in use and considered the biggest obstacle preventing Beltline officials from securing the project’s southeast rail segment.)

Apparently, a source tells us, the property is zoned to handle such a development. But since the land is in the Beltline overlay, Walmart would most likely be required to build something new urbanism-y.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Carla Smith, who says she’s heard the rumors, checked at City Hall to see if any permit applications have been filed and, as of Friday, none had. We’ve reached out to several Walmart contacts and a developer whose name has been connected to the project and will update if we hear word.

If true, be prepared for a very interesting series of debates, negotiations, and people waving pitchforks.