(Former) Fulton County Deputy Sheriff earns his stripes - prison stripes

He's probably got connections on the inside


A former Fulton County Deputy Sheriff racked up a lengthy prison sentence in federal court today after accepting more than $2,000 in bribes to deliver cocaine (or at least what he thought was cocaine) both inside and outside the Fulton County Jail.

While working at the jail 2011, Deputy Marvie Dingle, 36, accepted a $700 cash payment from an undercover agent to deliver "seven grams of a substance he believed to be cocaine," according to the FBI.

"It's unfortunate to law enforcement when the badge is being sold out for personal gain," Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson said in a release. "This does not reflect upon the majority of employees who are dedicated, hardworking, loyal, and honest."

The lapse in judgment earned Dingle a 41-month stay in federal prison, plus two years on probation. In a separate incident, Dingle took in another $1,500 to help an undercover agent deliver a kilo of the substance to a man in Dunwoody.

It's unclear if the deputy actually possessed the drug in either instance. Both the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI's Atlanta Division were unable to be reached for clarification, but we'll update as soon as we hear back.