Is this Atlanta’s new streetcar, looking all shiny and sexy on a flatbed truck?

Vehicles were scheduled to be delivered in September for installation of propulsion systems


  • It’s so... transit-y

Say hello. A spokesman for Mayor Kasim Reed confirms that the above photo, which was posted on the Atlanta subreddit this morning with the tease “Atlanta...say hello to your new streetcar! (sneak peek),” depicts the vehicle that will coast between the King Center and Centennial Olympic Park starting in late 2013. He says the photo was taken at the Siemens facility in Sacramento where the vehicle was assembled. The propulsion systems, once built in Siemens’ Cumming Alpharetta location, will be shipped to California to be installed. “Blue is the base color of what the car will look like,” the spokesman says. Exterior decals will be added closer to completion.

NOTE: This post has been updated to include new information, including confirmation of the photo’s authenticity.

(H/T That’sNotRaven and Atlanta subreddit)