Review: Atlanta Ballet’s Dracula” lives on”

A revival to die for


  • Charlie McCullers
  • OPENING BITE: The Atlanta Ballet brings its production of “Dracula” back to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre through February 16.
British choreographer Michael Pink seemingly approached Dracula as if he were the first one to ever tell the story. In his 1997 ballet adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, created on the 100th anniversary of that work, Pink managed to bring out all the original’s creepiest elements, approaching the enduring myth as if no one had ever told it before, digging down to the primal imagery and universal fears at the story’s core - infestation, domination, sexuality, infection, death - that have made the story such a sensation. It’s one reason why the show remains fresh to this day, and when approached with energy and smartly intuitive acting ability, as in the Atlanta Ballet’s latest production (at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre through Feb. 16,) it’s perfectly clear why it’s remained a contemporary stalwart for so many ballet companies since its creation. This Dracula still has bite.