TransportationCamp South was a wonk's heaven

Nearly 200 people filled Georgia Tech's Clough Commons this weekend to talk transit and open data


Georgia Tech this weekend opened its doors to transit wonks, planners, data junkies, pedestrians, bicyclists, and community activists to trade ideas on how to improve metro Atlanta's woeful transportation network.

TransportationCamp South brought together a collection of "thinkers and doers" for a "unconvention" on transportation and technology. The daylong event held at Clough Commons covered everything from sidewalk talk to robot cars (yes,robot cars).

And it was a resounding success. The six-hour Saturday summit was the first in the Southeast and much larger than even the organizers originally expected.

Approximately 200 people traded ideas with other wonks and sat in on sessions about drafting a MARTA Rider's Bill of Rights, using mobile phones to pay for bus fare, building guerilla bicycle and pedestrian projects, crowdfunding transportation improvements, and much, much more. There was even a seminar about transit pick-up lines.