City Council OK's Downtown Ferris wheel construction, allows Atlantans to forge memories that will last a lifetime

The age of the Ferris wheel may soon be upon us, Atlanta


The age of the Ferris wheel in Downtown may soon be upon us, Atlanta.

The Atlanta City Council voted unanimously today to pave the way for a private developer to build an 18-story tourist attraction in the Tabernacle's parking lot.

"It will be a unique, affordable experience," City Councilman Kwanza Hall told the Associated Press. "And while Ferris wheels have been around for years, it is still a very innovative idea."

Today's decision will allow St. Louis-based company Pacific Development, LLC to construct the "Skyview" Ferris wheel, which will extend into the public rights of way on both Luckie and Nassau streets.

The project won't cost taxpayers any money. "There is no city money, no public money whatsoever going toward the project. It's 100 percent privately financed," Jason Evans, a spokesman for the project, told CBS Atlanta.

It's estimated that between 1,000 and 3,000 passenger will ride the Ferris wheel every day. Plans call for the ride to be open from 10 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. The attraction, which would last for nearly 15 minutes and cost around $13 per ride, would be similar to other Ferris wheels that the company built in Paris and Pensacola.

The fun - yes, oodles of fun - could start as soon as next month.