11 Alive seeks a new ‘Commuter Dude’

‘Commuter Dude is a super hero for Atlanta Commuters’


Do you have a lifelong dream of being a serious advocacy journalist? Are you well-versed in multimedia reporting? If so, you’re in luck because 11 Alive is now looking for a new “Commuter Dude.”

Atlanta’s NBC affiliate station posted the opening earlier today on its website. Current “Commuter Dude” John Gerard plans to move into another position in the marketing department. The station needs someone new to cover one of Atlanta’s most coveted beats.

They write about the position:

Commuter Dude is a super hero for Atlanta Commuters. He’s fixed roads, traffic signals, parking meters and even helped change laws!

Now we’re searching for the next Commuter Dude or Dudette!

(Resident Dude John Gerard is staying on with 11Alive, but moving into a different role in our marketing department).

11Alive’s commitment to solving traffic issues is now stronger than ever! And because of Commuter Dude’s popularity, we want to let you decide who will be next to wear the neon safety vest!

The first step is a search for candidates. If you’re interested in becoming Atlanta’s Traffic Super Hero, tell us why YOU are the right person in a 30 second video.

Be creative and have fun! But please don’t do anything foolish. Remember, safety is always Commuter Dude’s top priority.

Sounds like fun, right? Here’s the official job description from Gannett, 11 Alive’s parent company. You’ll need video skills, creativity, and a sense of humor (don’t be boring). Oh, and five years of prior hard-hitting journalism experience. No one said this would be a walk in the park.