On City Council's to-do list today: approve $539 million city budget

Shall we expect horse-trading and deal-making throughout the day?

In about 45 minutes, the Atlanta City Council will gather to, among other things, vote on Mayor Kasim Reed's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The $539 million spending plan includes cash for additional police, an urban farm across the street from City Hall, and the proposed 311 call center.

What's still undecided, last we heard, was how the city would address pay increases for municipal employees. Currently there's $2.8 million allocated for "employee enhancements."

Under the proposal, classified staff would receive a 3 percent pay increase. City employees making less than $60,000, including cops and firefighters, would only see a 1 percent salary bump.

Public safety employees are pushing for more. The firefighters' union has made the case that senior fire professionals are long overdue for a bigger bump in pay. Last we heard, Mayor Kasim Reed was expected to have unveiled a proposed deal to public safety unions around 11:30 a.m.

According to the Council agenda, we'll have to first sit through about four proclamations to noteworthy individuals and organizations before the policymakers start approving resolutions and, ultimately, the budget. Expect some backroom lobbying and deal making to unfold over the next few hours.

You can watch the festivities on Channel 26 or from the comfort of your computer here. Look for an update from us later today.