Robert Maloof, Manuel’s Tavern partner, passes away

‘There would be no Manuel’s Tavern if there was no Robert’

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Robert Maloof, Manuel's Tavern partner, passes away


Robert Maloof, a partner and one of the driving forces behind Manuel’s Tavern, has died.

Brian Maloof, Manuel’s current owner announced his death today in a lengthy Facebook post. He described his uncle as the “the caring, softer side” of the pub where Democrats and journalists for years have gathered. In addition, he also credits Robert with handling the restaurant’s daily operations as his late brother, Manuel, pursued a political career in DeKalb County.

“There would be no Manuel’s Tavern if there was no Robert,” Brian Maloof writes. “Manuel, my father, asked Robert to work with him at Manuel’s in 1957. Manuel and Robert were the odd couple of business owners ... During my father’s political career Robert ran Manuel’s full time, keeping the business going while giving Manuel the opportunity to become the public servant he wanted to be.”

It’s worth checking out Brian Maloof’s full letter about his uncle’s death, which we’ve posted after the jump: