Dragon Con missed connections: Wizards, space warriors, and love beautiful love

‘If you do see this, reply with the Wizarding family you said you were from’


Every year, thousands of sci-fi lovers descend upon Downtown in full costume to attend Dragon Con. They come dressed as stormtroopers, Dr. Who, and - NSFW warning - maybe there’s even been a Hitler (?). With so many people in such close proximity - some of whom are wearing next-to-nothing clothing - there are bound to be some moments where the eyes meet, the hearts skip a beat, and the light saber glows. Some people fall in love. Others just want to get kinky. But the moment passes, phone numbers might not be exchanged, and CraigsList becomes the only place to turn.

As we have done for the last 3,482 years, CL is happy to present the quasi-NSFW collection of this year’s Dragon Con Missed Connections. If you’re so inclined you can peruse the Casual Encounters section yourself. Just think twice about clicking entries that include pics.

Foiled by the Hufflepuff

You do have a way of picking people up wherever you go. - mw4w - 27 (Dragon*Con, Marriott, 15th floor)
You: Velma Dinkley, with a tank top instead of the usual sweater, tiny and GORGEOUS, like a miniature Christina Hendricks
Me: Deliberately disheveled Ravenclaw boy covered in lipstick smooches

You and your friend waylaid me Sunday night at Dragon Con in the Marriott 15th floor hallway - right outside my hotel room door, though I don’t think I ever mentioned that. We chatted about Harry Potter and started trading double entendres, but when I said I had an adorable Hufflepuff waiting for me in my room, your face fell, even after I explained that we really enjoy going on dates with lovely ladies. Your friend certainly perked up, though!

Even so, when I gave you a goodbye hug, you kissed me; perhaps you just wanted to add one more mark to my collection, but (to steal shamelessly from that music video on DCTV) I think I felt a spark? And all through today, I couldn’t stop hoping I’d run into you again: coming off the elevator, waiting in line, walking through the skyway. . .so I’m writing my first Missed Connection post, both in the hope that you or someone you know might see it, but also as a sort of Pensieve for these persistent thoughts, in an attempt to find a container for them other than my mind.

One last thing. When I called, “Velma was always my favorite!” down the hall as you were leaving, what I meant to say was “Would you like to come to the Yule Ball with us?” The offer stands - perhaps next year?

If you do see this, reply with the Wizarding family you said you were from and the restaurant your group was headed for when you left.

P.S. The Hufflepuff says hello! She thinks that “all this is really cute. It’d be nice to meet you!”

? ? ?
I will be your Khal Drogo

Royal Tenenbaums - m4w - 29 (Dragon Con)
I came back Sunday night dressed the same (as Richie Tenenbaum), hoping you’d find me. And you did! Unfortunately, the conversation was awkward and you’d melted into the crowd before I could formulate a way to make you stay. Hopefully you, or someone that knows you will see this and I’ll get my chance.
What I remember:
You live in East Atlanta
You dressed as Daenerys on Friday
You’re quite the cute redhead
You know how to hug
You have a great/memorable energy
Your name starts with a C (I think!)

Love potion no. 9

Avenger’s Ball- cute brunette boy in Army dress uniform - w4m - 22 (Dragon Con)
You said you were a chemist who just moved to Atlanta, and you were teaching me how to swing dance. I was the girl in the Marvel heroes dress with the knee high red converse. I’m still kicking myself for not getting your number. Here’s hoping you see this!

Love at a darkwave concert

Cruxshadows balloon - m4w - 31 (Dragon Con)
I wandered to the back of the room to get some water because I felt like I was going to pass out. We chat about the balloon I had and a few other things. I was going to get your number, but my phone was dead and you didn’t have yours. You suggested we try to find each other the following day, but I knew that would be like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Just like the chances of you reading this. So if you are reading this and you’d like to meet up some time, tell me what color hair you had and what you were wearing on your head.

Santa who makes armor

dragon con, marta santa - m4m (marta)
Monday night - Sunday morning were were on marta together. You were wearing a santa suit and vest and you traveled with 4 other people. We went west on the train then east. You talked about you making armor and I want to commission you for a piece.

“I’ll hop in your TARDIS anytime”

The Tenth in a brown suit - m4m - 32 (Dragon*Con Parade)
You were watching the parade at Baker & Peachtree near the Corner Bakery. You had the pants the just right length for that Doctor’s brown suit and you had the red Chucks to go with them. You weren’t as tall and had lighter hair, but it didn’t matter because your jawline and your eyes were his and that made me melt. You looked amazing and I’m pretty sure you saw me checking you out multiple times. No costume for me this year, just a grey tank top and black/brown shorts. I’ll hop in your TARDIS anytime. Would love to buy you a drink and get a chance to try to make your hearts skip a beat.

Love me a man in uniform

Dragon Con after Parade at Hotel - m4m
Long shot: we chatted after the dragon con parade back at the hotel lobby area. You were dressed as a Storm Trooper and I was dressed in a costume. I was totally turned on by you and your outfit but was there with a friend and could not express myself fully. If you think this is you, tell me what I was wearing. Would love to discuss costuming over a drink.

Just a name

Please help me find my Fiona - m4w - 18 (DragonCon 2013)
I was Finn, you were Fiona. Bottom floor of the Hyatt Saturday night we met and posed for pictures. We looked right in each others’ eyes the whole time. I felt a spark of..... something. Something really special and utterly unique. Later, we met again in the Hilton. And THAT moment, that solidified your hold on me. That hug was so human, and genuine, and innocent. Perfect. I don’t need your number or your Twitter or your hometown. I just need a name to that elusive adventurer who kept me searching for her all of Con.

I hope I get to see you soon Fiona.

Tell me what was so sad about Sunday.

Desperately seeking a Sesame Street Live performer

Sesame Street Man - w4m - 23 (Dragoncon 2013)
Your name was Kevin (maybe) and I was a barbarian. You followed me for hours, despite my fickleness. You perform for Sesame Street Live and your Gambit impression was impressive. I ducked away because I started to like you more than I should have and I didn’t want to have lingering feelings if something physical happened. Now, of course, I keep thinking about you and your goofy serenades. I’m sorry I slipped off. If you’re still thinking about me, reply with the answer to this question: Who were you dressed as the first night we met and what was just too heavy for you to hold? :-)

That’s deep

Through Time, Through Space, Through Con - w4m - 29 (Marriott)
You looked familiar, but I knew we had not met yet. Every time our eyes found each other’s, my hearts twisted and soared through my throat in an unwanted burst, forcing my lips upward as if to smile. I tried not to. It didn’t work.
It wasn’t the time traveling garb that you were wearing. It wasn’t the way you lifted your head when you spoke or tilted it to listen to your companion. It was something completely unidentifiable about you that made me lose my usually ever-present bravado and stay sitting while you slowly passed by. Did you know what was happening to me? Do you have an answer for me? Was there a reason we couldn’t speak?
I’d like to go back to Saturday night and revisit that feeling again. Take me there. Like you have done before. You know where I will be.