Dragon Con missed connections help connect lovers and Wookiees

“You said you were with a group of Waldos”

The costumes are hanging in the closets. The “Magic: The Gathering” cards are safely tucked away in their boxes. And the hotel rooms have been decontaminated. Dragon Con has come and gone and, by many accounts, the Labor Day weekend gathering of sci-fi aficionados was a success. 
? Amidst all the panel discussions and hobnobbing in hotel atriums, friends were made. Old pals reunited. And for some attendees and gawkers, a chance meeting or passing glance sparked a romantic interest. But Dragon Con is a busy time and it’s not always possible to get that man or woman’s phone number. Or even their name. Craigs List is there to help. 
? As CL does every year, we like to help the men and women of Dragon Con reconnect with that special person who might have gotten away. Go find your Daenerys Targaryen.
? “You said you were with the group of Waldos.”

? ?? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego - DragonCon - m4w (Atlanta)
? You were dressed as Carmen Sandiego, and you said your name was Andrea.
? I was sitting, resting my feet at one of the Friday night dance parties in the Westin. You walked over and sat next to me, introduced yourself, and said you were with the group of Waldos. You caught me a bit off guard and made my heart race a little. I believe you said it was your 4th DragonCon, and I told you it was my 3rd. You told me you lived in Grant Park, and I told you I lived in Marietta.
? Later on, I went back to dancing up front in the center area, and I thought I saw you again, dancing with your friends. I started walking toward who I thought was you, and I was going to ask you to dance, but when I got closer, the person I was walking toward seemed like a different Carmen Sandiego (although maybe it was you—I had drank a lot of scotch).
? I enjoyed the Carmen Sandiego games when I was a kid, but now that I’m an adult, I’d still like to find you. ??
? ??? I originally thought it was Rick from “The Walking Dead.”

? ?? D*Con Evil (female) Morty blowing a kiss to a Rick (Hilton) - m4w (DragonCon Hilton)
? I was a Rick and we met a few times mostly in the Hilton. I mentioned I got a bad vibe from your character and you may have blown a kiss as I was going down the escalator. ??
? Maybe she was a goth model?

? ?? Coming From Dragoncon On Marta - m4w (MARTA)
? You were coming from Dragon Con, I was headed to a show. You sat next to me and are so beautiful. You were dressed like such a cute goth model. We only had one stop to talk, and I wanted to get your number and invite you to the show. We didn’t have enough time after talking, and you were with your friend who didn’t seem like he would have enjoyed the show. I think you’re from out of town, but if you see this tonight or before you go, let’s get together and do something. Even if you see this and don’t have time to do anything, hit me up anyway. Hope you see this! ??
? “Middle earth 90’s” 

? ?? Crystal from Endor - m4w (DragonCon Marriot)
? Crystal, you and your two friends were dancing last night. I met you twice, Middle earth 90’s and just before the 3am dance in the ballroom. I found you’re eyes enchanting and would very much like to hear from you. I’m sure you can tell what distinctive article I was wearing because you told me you liked it. ??
? Just rocking a little Tokyo Ghoul

? ?? Zombie Prom - Dragon Con - m4w (Atlanta)
? We met outside the gyro / liquor store.My cos play was Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. I said u made my day and hope this makes your day.U wore a black dress with white hearts, but at last we never saw one another at the Zombie Prom for Dragon Con ??
? This could have been so many people

? ?? Cute Girl Fixing Dress - Hyatt - m4w (Dragon Con)
? So, we had a brief and awkward exchange. You were adjusting your dress, in the mirrors on the lower level of the Hyatt. You probably caught me looking your way/checking you out, but kept at it. I should have tried talking to you and not been so awkward.
? Chances are you won’t see this. But if you do, message me. I would have liked to talk to you. ??
? Gave the wrong number, eh?
? ?? Looking for Harley Quinn and The Joker - m4mw
? If you’re reading this you should know who you are, we met at Dragoncon last Friday. You guys were dressed as Harley Quinn and The Joker, I was also dressed as The Joker. You gave me your phone number but it seems to have been the wrong number, so I hope you guys find this post and send me a message. ??
? Potential sugar hobbit

? ?? Beautiful Kaz at DragonCon - m4m (AmericasMart)
? I saw you Sunday afternoon at Dragoncon. We locked eyes multiple times at several booths. You are absolutely beautiful. You may be in transition which would be fine but either way I would love to take you out and spoil you rotten. You were with a couple other guy friends and I was with a girlfriend. I doubt you’ll see this but if you do I think you’re beautiful and would love to get to know you better and spoil you ;) ??
? You will most regret the things you don’t do
? ?? ? ? Guy at Doctor Who Dance Sunday Night of DragonCon - w4m
? Guy at Doctor Who Dance
? It was Sunday night at Dragon Con we were at the Doctor Who Dance. I was dressed as BatGirl. We almost dance together but I let my fear get in the way and walked away. I have regretted not dancing and talking with you more. ? ? ??